When you know what you want, don’t settle for less…


Conversations between my roommate and I are never “normal” but then again, who wants to be just normal? ( A particular conversation we had a few weeks ago has plagued my mind and forced me to keep thinking about what we had discussed. OBVIOUSLY it was about relationships and finding the right person for you, etc. (we are girls in college, are you surprised?) πŸ™‚ Having this particular conversation really helped me to understand exactly what I want and am looking for when it comes to a relationship and my life. I see many successful relationships around me; however, I see many unsuccessful ones as well. I’ve always known who I am and more importantly what I want. Deep conversations with Megan have just helped reaffirm what I already knew. I did the dating thing in high school and it was fun but I wasn’t with someone who shared many of the same interests as me.. and I’ve realized that was my problem. I’ve come to understand more of what I want. I shared with Megan my outlook on this. In my eyes, a relationship isn’t just about mutual attraction and getting together because of those feelings. What about your likes? Your dislikes? What makes you happy deep in your heart. Scratching the surface is only the beginning. I told Megan (and we both agreed) that when you know exactly what you want, you should never settle for something less than.. I described it like this to her: “I want a guy in my life who is freaking out with joy because he’s found the Frank Sinatra vinyl he’s been looking for FOREVER and loves it equally as much as I do, NOT the guy who went and found the Frank Sinatra record because he knew I liked it and wanted to impress me.” Ok, so maybe this is a weird way to explain what kind of relationship I want.. and I do not believe I have high standards. In retrospect, I just want someone to genuinely love a lot of the same things/styles that I do rather than pretend to like them so that we have more in common. I am confident God created a guy for me that has the same taste and outlook on life as me! In the meantime I am aimlessly wandering around trying to as my Facebook status says, “find a cultured, well dressed gentleman who enjoys “Rocky Horror Picture Show,” and will accept me for who I am. That’s not too much to ask for… Right?!” This is how I feel, and it’s REAL!! Enjoy πŸ˜‰

To entertain you further, I like weird things. (Maybe they aren’t as weird as I think.)
-Rocky Horror Picture Show
– Copious amounts of coffee
– Nicki Minaj and Frank Sinatra (I know, I know…)
– Watching Basketball (Celtics, Lakers, Spurs, pretty much all, love college ball)
– Writing, blogging, reading
– Documenting my life via pictures (every picture tells a story, every story is important)
– Music. Listening, playing, singing vocals, attending concerts
– Traveling (East Coast, love it.)
– Sweaters and cardigans, weird floral prints
– Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn
– Old movies, Bing Crosby, Carey Grant
– Cheap, cheesy horror films
-Alfred Hitchcock
– Anything historical
– Listening to Vinyl
– Random roadtrips, Seattle anyone?
– Aimless driving with no place to go


2 thoughts on “When you know what you want, don’t settle for less…

  1. I agree with you on this one Avery. In my first marriage, while I wouldn’t go back and change anything, I settled for less than my childhood dreams. I know I had to go though that stage of my life to get where I am now, and that is why I wouldn’t change a thing. (Besides my 3 beautiful daughters and grandchildren:)
    This time, I made sure I was going to have someone who enjoyed the things I do! Oh boy, does he ever. I never knew I could be so happy. We enjoy so much together, that even when we have a large chore, we work on it together, and afterwards, we end up saying “Wow, that went better than expected.” We know it is because we work together to accomplish a project and that is what makes it better.
    Because of the things we enjoy together, we can also appreciate the things we don’t do together. Here’s a great example: I love quilting, but you wouldn’t find Jeff doing quilting with me. But he is so ecstatic with the quilts I produce because of the other stuff we enjoy to do together. If I ask him for an opinion about a quilt, he will always give one rather than saying something like “I don’t know anything about quilts.”
    Keep this in mind as you seek someone who loves a lot of the same things as you, he won’t love all of the same things, but he will still freak out with joy over something you love by yourself.

    Hold tight to your dreams, and dream BIG!!!


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