“To Live Is The Rarest Thing In The World. Most People Exist, That Is All.” – Oscar Wilde

I’ve been thinking about self-improvement and am constantly convicted about “being myself.” What does it mean to “be yourself” and am I fulfilling that in my day-to-day life?
As an individual, I find being restricted to doing what you want an extremely troubling issue. I’ve realized I decide who I am… not society, not other people, not my friends. ME. That’s the whole aspect of “being yourself.” It’s up to me to determine what I do in life, what bridges I cross, and who I let in. A choice that I make regardless of what others may want to tell me is right or wrong. I’m tired of feeling like I am always walking on eggshells and that I have to be cautious in what I do in order to please others. That has to stop because that completely depletes the idea of being an independent individual.
Times change, people change, ideas change, relationships change. Change is constant and change is what ultimately helps you to become who you are. The BEST version of who you want to be; who you strive to be. It’s such a personal option that is completely up to you! Am I satisfied with an average life? I don’t want to simply exist, I want to L I V E, and that involves being myself and not letting anything get in the way! Listen to your inner voice. “You cannot destroy me. You cannot make me feel bad for doing what is best for me. I am who I am. I make my own choices. If I haven’t done something it’s because I don’t want to. If I’ve made time for something it’s because it is extremely important to me. I am unshaken.”
Cry if you must.
And move on.
It’s time to be who you’re meant to be.


9 thoughts on ““To Live Is The Rarest Thing In The World. Most People Exist, That Is All.” – Oscar Wilde

    • Oh thank you so much! My old blog platform on Jux is closing because they are ending their services so I don’t have much posted now but plan on transferring some of my old posts to here before I start writing again. I am glad you enjoy! I love to hear the feedback! I am an English Major with a passion to write and inspire!

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